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Certificates,  Associations  &  Special  interests...


            ​Plumbing                                              ​HVACR                                                                   ​Welding

Plumbing 1                                  NAPE cert......                                                    Welding Safety.....

Plumbing 2                                  CFC recovery                                                         cutting, welding, soldiering, fire safety 

Plumbing 3                                  Air Conditioning & Refrigeration 1                     Welding Fundamentals

​plumbing 4                                  Air Conditioning & Refrigeration 2                          6010 stick welding, 7018 low hydrogen & drag rod

                                                          ​diagnostics & analysis                                   Advanced Welding

​                                                   Heat Pumps                                                            more stick, MIG, TIG, plasma cutting

* Although rare but sometimes requested we  have ability & experience to make small machining & welding repairs in our shop when needed. This service is only eligible to an existing repair order. Services such as extracting, chasing, taping, turning, milling, straightening, brazing, welding and setups will be charged at T&M rates. One-off items or that are not reproduced & are not able to be replaced are eligible for this service and are at the entire responsibility of the owner. We will make every attempt to reproduce a quality part but we can not control the condition of or quality of the said material. We reserve the right to deem what is repairable and not repairable. This service refers to items such as faucet stems, seats, brackets, mounts and so on.




        ​Licensing Information

​Heating & air conditioning Master

MD State HVACR  # 45150

​​​​Pats Plumbing Heating & Cooling​ 

           ​ In 1977 Pat began in the Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning trades. After serving 2 decades as an apprentice & journeyman in the trades doing residential - lite commercial service & remodeling he began to do job costs and estimating while still working in the field at a technician - estimator level. In 2002 his employer of 6 years fell ill to cancer and was forced to retire. After a quarter of a century in the business it was time to move to the next level of his journey. This is where it all began with the intent of giving professional quality & service at a reasonable cost.

Plumbing & Gas fitting master

WSSC  # 71347

MD State  # 70991